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Different Types Of CCTV Cameras Explained

A CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera is a surveillance system that is used to monitor and record activity within a specific area. There are many different types of CCTV cameras available, each with its own unique features and capabilities.

It can be challenging to choose the right CCTV camera for your business, as there are numerous options available. To help you make a decision, we have listed the benefits of various CCTV systems. Use this guide to select a solution that meets your security needs and protects your property and employees.

Types of CCTV cameras

1. Dome CCTV Cameras

Dome CCTV is one of the most popular types of CCTV cameras. They are a type of surveillance camera that are encased in a dome-shaped housing. They are known for their discreet and unobtrusive appearance, making them a popular choice for businesses such as shops, restaurants, hotels, and casinos. These cameras are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, and their vandal-resistant dome makes it difficult for anyone to interfere with the camera.

One of the main benefits of a dome CCTV camera is its ability to rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to cover all angles of your premises. In addition, their design makes them an ideal choice for indoor surveillance, as they can be mounted on a ceiling to monitor a wide area without being too noticeable.

These cameras are often used in retail stores, banks, and other public spaces where surveillance is needed but a discreet appearance is desired.

2. Bullet CCTV Cameras

They types of CCTV cameras are recognizable due to their cylindrical shape and ability to monitor large areas. These cameras are often used outdoors due to their durable design that can withstand harsh weather and environmental conditions. In addition to providing high-quality surveillance, bullet cameras are highly visible and can serve as a deterrent to potential criminals.

They are commonly used in industries such as manufacturing, property management, and farming. Overall, bullet cameras are a reliable choice for outdoor surveillance.

3. C-Mount CCTV cameras

C-Mount CCTV cameras are a type of security camera that are equipped with detachable lenses, allowing the field of vision to be easily adjusted. These cameras are typically larger and more visible, which can act as a deterrent to criminal activity. They are also known for their durability, as they can be fitted with rugged casings and weatherproof housings to protect them in harsh environments.

These features make C-Mount cameras ideal for outdoor use, particularly in industries such as utilities, logistics, food, and manufacturing where they may be exposed to extreme temperatures. They are often used to monitor long stretches of road or other areas with a wide field of view.

These cameras have a removable lens that can be swapped out for different types of lenses, depending on the needs of the CCTV installation. They are often used in more specialized surveillance situations, such as in factories or warehouses.

4. PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) cameras

These cameras have the ability to pan (move horizontally), tilt (move vertically), and zoom in and out. This allows them to cover a wider area and follow movement more effectively.

These cameras offer a wide field of view and the ability to follow movement, which makes them effective at covering larger areas or following specific targets.

PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) cameras offer a range of benefits for security teams. These cameras allow the lens to be panned left and right, tilted up and down, and zoomed in and out at the touch of a button, providing 360 degree visibility. With optical zoom, it is possible to focus closely on subjects and distinguish facial features due to the high image resolution.

These cameras are particularly useful in large retail environments and for businesses that need to protect specific valuable objects, such as museums. PTZ cameras can also be programmed to react to movement, allowing them to cover a larger area and perform the same function as multiple static cameras.

5. Day/night CCTV cameras

These are popular types of CCTV cameras that are made to provide excellent video surveillance in a variety of lighting situations, day and night. They employ specialized imaging chips with low-light sensitivity that enable them to record crystal-clear video both during the day and at night. These cameras are frequently used in outdoor settings with variable lighting, like parking lots, streets, and commercial buildings. They are also frequently used in indoor environments like warehouses, factories, and office buildings where the lighting may be poor or unbalanced.

Day and night CCTV cameras both have advantages over one another in addition to their capacity to capture crystal-clear video in dim lighting. Glare, direct sunlight, reflections, and other problematic lighting situations don’t hinder their ability to perform well.

Overall, day and night CCTV cameras are an effective solution for businesses and other organizations that need to monitor their premises around the clock, regardless of lighting conditions. They provide reliable surveillance footage that can be used for security, monitoring, and other purposes.

6. Infrared/night vision CCTV cameras

Security cameras are popular types of CCTV cameras that employ infrared technology to take pictures in dim light or complete darkness are referred to as infrared cameras or night vision cameras. They have infrared LEDs, which produce low-energy, invisible light that enables the camera to function in the dark. This light can be picked up by the image sensor in the camera, which then creates a discernible image.

Infrared cameras can capture sharp images even in total darkness, but they also have additional advantages. They can be helpful in outdoor or industrial settings since they can record photos through fog, dust, or smoke. They can also capture color daylight images and black and white nighttime images, which can aid with identification in low light.

Infrared cameras are typically more expensive than other types of security cameras, such as day/night cameras, but they offer a high level of reliability and can be an essential security measure for businesses that need to monitor their premises 24/7. They are often used in banks, farms, manufacturing plants, and other locations where night vision functionality is critical.

7. Network/IP CCTV cameras

Dome CCTV cameras are a particular variety of surveillance camera that have a dome-shaped enclosure. They are favored by companies including shops, restaurants, hotels, and casinos because to their reputation for being discrete and inconspicuous appearance. These cameras are appropriate for both indoor and outdoor use, and no one can easily tamper with the camera thanks to its vandal-resistant dome.

A dome CCTV camera’s capacity to rotate 360 degrees, enabling you to cover every angle of your property, is one of its key advantages. Additionally, their design makes them a great option for indoor surveillance because they can be mounted on a ceiling to discreetly watch a large area.

8. Wireless CCTV cameras

If you’re looking for types of CCTV cameras that are wireless, you probably have a wide variety too. They offer a number of benefits for surveillance and security systems. Some of the main benefits include:

  1. Easy installation: Wireless CCTV cameras do not require cables to be run from the camera to the recording device, making them easier to install. This can be particularly useful in cases where it is difficult or impossible to run cables, such as in older buildings or outdoor locations.
  2. Discreet appearance: Wireless CCTV cameras are often smaller and more discreet than wired cameras, which can make them less obtrusive and more suitable for certain locations, such as museums or historical buildings.
  3. Remote viewing: Many wireless CCTV cameras allow you to view the footage remotely, either through a web browser or a smartphone app. This means you can keep an eye on your premises from anywhere, at any time.
  4. Secure storage: Many wireless CCTV systems store footage in the cloud, which can be more secure than local storage. This means that even if your cameras are damaged or stolen, you will still have access to the footage.

Wireless CCTV cameras are ideal for a variety of uses, including homes, businesses, and public spaces. They are particularly useful in cases where it is difficult or impractical to run cables, and in locations where a discreet appearance is important.

9. High Definition (HD) CCTV cameras

In addition to providing high-quality monitoring in a range of different locations, such as hospitals, schools, airports, and public transit systems, HD CCTV cameras are also helpful. For the purpose of identifying people, following their activities, and assuring the safety and security of both people and property in these kinds of surroundings, crisp and comprehensive photographs might be crucial.

HD CCTV cameras may offer other capabilities in addition to high-quality images that can increase their utility. For instance, certain models might have zoom capabilities that let viewers hone in on particular regions or aspects in the video. Wide dynamic range (WDR) technology, which helps to improve vision in low light circumstances, and sophisticated image processing algorithms are additional capabilities that may be available on HD CCTV cameras.

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