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Outside Security Lighting Cost

This article shares everything you need to know about security lighting cost: your options and what you can expect during the process of choosing the right approach. With the average burglary taking place in a matter of minutes and costing you thousands in repairs, security lights will increase your property protection and property value.

If you are looking to make your home safer, you may want to hire a professional to help install security lighting systems into your home or business.

Security Lighting Cost
Security Lighting Cost

How much does outside security lighting cost?

By installing security lighting fixtures, your home will be well–lit at night. The average security lighting installation will cost you £80 to £180. And motion-detecting lights are about £90 to £500.

You can choose security lighting like spotlights that cost between £80-£500 and landscape lights cost around £80-£1100.

Costs to install security lighting at your home will vary based on a few different factors. This includes the type of lighting you need, the number of lights you want and where you want to install them. Once you’ve decided on these factors, it’s just a matter of providing your address and getting a quote.

The average cost can depend on the type of security light used. Below is a table that identifies the cost for the different security lights.

Security Lighting TypeAverage Cost
Motion sensor£90 to £150
Floodlights£80 to £180
Landscape lights£80 to £1100
Spotlights£80 to £500

Other costs for security lighting

You can save money by installing security lights yourself. However, if you do not consider the following material costs, you will end up spending more. Additionally, there are other costs that you would need to consider:

Security Alarm

For additional security, you’ll want to install an alarm system. After all, everyone wants their home and belongings to be safe. The best part about it is that security alarms are affordable, easy and simple to install, making them a great option for any homeowner.

It costs £125 to £200 for a simple bells-only alarm, £200 to £300 for a silent alarm and £175 to £200 to fit a dialler alarm. Other security alarm installations include wired alarms which cost around £400 to £800 while a wireless security alarm is normally priced at £200 to £500.


Since your safety should be your primary concern, installing CCTV will help you track a potential intruder. It will also allow you to keep a watchful eye on your home. This will capture and record every moment of their life and protect your home from intruders. It also acts as an effective deterrent, especially if you have CCTV at the front of your home, as this scares away burglars.

The CCTV installation cost can vary. A 4-camera system will normally cost around £1500 to £2000, while an 8-camera installation will range from £1800 to £2500.

Security lighting labour cost

Most electricians will charge around £150 to £200 per day in labour and they normally work in half days at a minimum so you should expect a labour cost of around £75-£100.

How effective are security lights?

Outdoor security lights are designed to protect your property, showing intruders they’re not welcome. They can also help with everyday situations, like making it easier to find your keyhole in the dark.

Security lights are both practical and stylish. The motion sensor technology means you’re always aware of possible intrusions in your property. Light up the night with an outdoor light that not only looks good but makes you feel secure.

With a high-quality, reliable product you’ll be able to keep an eye on your property, day or night.

Security lights are popular as they can offer reassurance to homeowners and are also able to deter intruders from just the sight of security lights. They help to enhance the exterior of your home and also make it much easier to navigate at night.

Factors that affect security lighting cost

When you are determining the cost to install your outdoor security light, you need to take into consideration the type of light you plan to use, as well as how many lights you want.

If you have a low budget, landscape lighting may be a good option for you. supply only, although some luxury options are priced up to £1000.

Other affordable security lights include floodlights which range from £4 to £80 each. Alternatively, you could opt for affordable options such as motion sensors, which range in price from £10 to £50 each. Spotlights are typically priced at £8 to £400 per light.

Lighting designs also have many effects on the price. Therefore, before installing the new lights, it’s important to know the number of switches you’ll need so that the layout process can be easier and faster.

The cost of this will be different depending on the ease of access, as electricians may charge extra for homes with limited installation room.

Process of installing security lighting

Lighting installations are risky tasks. The job is best accomplished by a professional security lighting company like us, rather than DIY enthusiasts who are unaccustomed to dealing with electrical repairs. 

To help you understand the process of hiring a professional to install security lights outside your home, here is a breakdown of what the job involves.

  1. Switch of the power: Typically, breaker box power needs to be switched off before the job starts. An electrician can do this by shutting off the main electrical breaker.
  2. Preparing the area: One the power is disconnected from the supply, a hole will be drilled into the ceiling where the light is to be fixed. The cables will then be fed through the conduit.
  3. Connecting the wires: The electrician will make sure the cables are pulled through properly and will then connect them to the right terminals. 
  4. Fitting the light: Once the wires are stapled to the frame, it’s time for the electrician to fix the light in place. The electrician will make sure that it is level and flush with the surface before applying sealant.
  5. Installing the switch: The light supply cable will get fed back into the property and then connect to a four-terminal junction box.
  6. Testing the light: The electrician will check the circuit to make sure there is power then isolates the circuit and then connect the security lighting.

Choosing the right security lights

Security lighting can make any home or business brighter and safer. Home owners that install security lighting will feel more secure and increase the value of their property.

But there are a number of different types of security lighting systems, each with their own power option and operating range – but how do you decide which is best for your household?

Motion Sensor Security Light Cost

Motion sensors are used to activate and operate only when there is movement in the vicinity of your home. It costs around £10 to £50 each, although this will change based on the style you choose. They are also ideal for reducing energy as they are only in use when they are required.

Floodlights Cost

When it comes to security lighting, floodlights are one of the best options. Flood lights are designed to shine a powerful light in one direction in addition to making it aesthetically pleasing. They project beams through windows and doors and can easily be fitted with motion sensors for added protection.

The average cost of floodlights is around £4 to £80, although this will depend on their style and size.

Landscape Security Light Cost

Landscape security lights should enhance the beauty of the garden, rather than detract from it. The type you choose depends on your garden design and how much you want to spend. They typically cost between the range of £2 to £1,000 depending on the type of units you choose.

Solar lights cost

Solar lights usually cost around £1 to £20. They pay for themselves in just two months and provide three times the light of a regular bulb, saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Benefits of Outside Security Lights

The benefits of installing security lights are quite obvious for those who are looking to keep their homes safe from intruders.

Improved safety

The simple but effective design of installing dome style outdoor lights around the insecure parts of your property can act as a first signal to any potential intruders that this house has been well protected. Not only will this deter potential burglars from trying to break into your home, it also offers you a great peace of mind that your family and property are safe from harm. 

Increased property values

Your property will be noticeable to more people and this is likely to raise its perceived value. This in turn will mean you can charge more for it when you’re trying to sell it.

Reduced insurance premiums

Though this may not seem fairly obvious, installing a security light can significantly lower your homeowner’s insurance premium. This is because properties with outside security are less prone to break-ins and intruders entering your house.

Better aesthetics

Another important element that outdoor security lights offer is an enhanced aesthetic. The exterior lighting can enhance the best features of your property even in the dark. It will also improve the look of your garden by highlighting pathways and flowers, which improves security and is also more pleasing to the eye.

Cost of removing security lighting

If you have faulty exterior lighting or any outdoor lighting that needs to be updated, consider removing the security lights for safety reasons.

The total cost to remove your security lighting will vary based on the type of lighting and how hard it is to remove.

The average price of hiring an electrician to remove security lighting is around £75 to £100. Additionally, hiring a waste removal company to collect the old lights is around £100 to £290.

Looking for the best security lighting installer?

The last thing you want is to place yourself at risk by a security light that doesn’t meet your needs. That’s why we always ensure that all our outdoor light sets are installed properly by qualified professional electricians.

Before hiring any contractor to install security lighting, it’s important that you choose one that meets certain standards. They should also be aware of the local regulations.

Our experts will ensure that we adhere to the best practices when installing security lights. They are certified by NAPIT & ECS and is endorsed by Trustmark. You can rest assured that the work we do meets building regulations and keeps the outside of your property secure.

If you are based anywhere in Taunton or throughout the surrounding areas in Somerset, then please do get in touch with our team of experts for a free security lighting quote and consultation today!

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